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The Importance of Drinking Water

Everywhere you go these days, you see people carrying bottled water. And because of the emphasis that has been placed on drinking water, it is now the second most popular drink in the United States. This is really important because every cell in our bodies depends upon water to function. And with every hour that passes, our bodies lose water. Unless we replace that, we literally can shrivel up and die.

Water intake is important for so many reasons. Water helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids. Every time we breathe, eat, urinate, defecate or sweat, we are using water in some way. There are also ways that we use water that we don’t see, like the circulation of our blood and lymphatic fluids, the transportation of nutrients in our bodies and the regulation of our body temperature. For all these processes to occur, water is needed. This is the number one reason that drinking water is so important.

Drinking water also helps us control our caloric intake. For many people, weight loss is a big deal and not necessarily an easy battle. But drinking water with every meal instead of some other beverage that is full of calories is always the best option. Not only do you avoid ingesting unwanted calories that can possibly turn into unwanted pounds, but you can also feel fuller faster. This makes it less likely that you will eat as much and this can help keep the waistline slim.

As mentioned before, every cell in our bodies needs water to function and the muscles are no different. In fact, drinking water actually helps to energize the muscles. Muscle fatigue is frequently caused by a lack of water in the cells themselves. And while we’re discussing the muscles, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Many people believe that drinking water after a massage helps flush toxins out of the muscles. This is actually not true and science has proven it. In fact, the process of massaging the muscles actually creates a slightly toxic effect within the muscles known as rhabdomyolysis. And no amount of water will change that because rhabdomyolysis is an unavoidable side effect of massage that occurs just like after an intense workout.

Another reason to drink water is an obvious one. Water helps to keep your body regular. This includes urination and defecation. But on an even deeper level, when we are properly hydrated, our kidneys and intestines can function properly and help remove waste products from the body. A buildup of waste products can lead to illness and death.

Lastly, staying hydrated keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant. Dehydration makes the skin look dry and wrinkled. But this doesn’t mean that overhydrating will reverse those wrinkles completely. Getting enough water can definitely help, but once the body is fully hydrated, the kidneys will get rid of the excess fluid.

Any of these are great reasons to drink water, but do you really need a reason? When people are properly hydrated, they look and feel better. So pick up that glass of water and take a big gulp. Your body will appreciate the attention and continue to support you in return.

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