This involves the placement of sterile, one-time use, thin needles in specific acupuncture point locations on the body. These points are decided after assessment is made at your visit.

Chinese Herbs and

Dietary Therapy

Chinese Herbs are used to enhance an acupuncture treatment, to aid the body towards healing, prevention, sustaining general health, and for pediatric cases when acupuncture may not be suitable.

Chinese dietary therapy uses Traditional Chinese medicine theory to select foods according to temperature, taste and action to help improve conditions or increase general health.

Initial Consultation: up to 2 hours

Tongue Evaluation

Pulse Diagnostics

Acupuncture Treatment

Herbal Recommendations (as appropriate)

Cupping, Tui Na or Gua Sha (as needed)

Plan for course of treatment


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour

Tongue Evaluation

Pulse Diagnostics

Acupuncture treatment

Herbal Recommendations (as appropriate)

Cupping, Tui Na or Gua Sha (as needed)


Fire cupping can be used during a treatment. It involves the use of glass cups placed on areas of the body to promote circulation and release of muscle tension.


Gua Sha

This is what is known as dermal friction. Some other cultures call it "coining" and chiroprators call it "Graston Technique". Even pressure is applied to the skin in a scraping fashion to create and promote circulation and release muscle tension.



Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage

This is a very specific massage technique used during your treatment when necessary. It includes acupressure and massage and may involve very deep tissue work.


We carry many vitamins and supplements to help and enhance health and healing. Our newest addition is our CBD Oil.

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