David Thomas, Reiki Master

David is a 21st century healing practitioner. He is a Professional Holy Fire lll Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Crystal and Tuning Fork healer. With the use of the Solfeggio frequency tuning forks, he can perform an Energy Vitality Technique, which works with the Aura in the etheric field, to bring unused energy stored in the sacrum up to the top of the head for sacred pause and then bringing it down into the now for you to access. This in combination with the DNA/RNA tuning forks and along with Reiki which is channeled through the Forks and hand positions. He also enhances this practice with crystals, singing bowls, and Gaia chimes.


David first started his interest and studies in Reiki and the Chakras in 2008. He received his Reiki Master/Teacher certificate in 2011. He is a professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training. He is a certified teacher and practitioner in 

Usui / Holy Fire, as well as a Registered Karuna® Reiki  Master. David is also a Level Phase ll in tuning forks using the sounds and vibration of Solfeggio. 

He is dedicated to providing compassionate care, and to mentoring students as qualified and caring practitioners who will contribute to the healing and welfare of all living beings. David’s main studio is in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, although he travels f or his clients and students throughout the metro and surrounding area.

Reiki Share (for all practitioners)

Reiki Classes (held in Belle Plaine or here at the Hub)

Tuning Fork Sessions (held in Belle Plaine or here at the Hub) 

Contact David for a Reiki or Tuning fork Session, Class or Workshop




1 hour Reiki session $65

1 1/2 hour Reiki session $95

* Special $10 discount offer for first time clients


Call 612-309-4582 to schedule

or email david@lotusworkshop.com











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